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Mar 5, 2013

Sculpting Class

This is a process peek of a slightly larger doll I'm working on. She stands at 12" high. Normally my sculptures are around 8-10". I actually want to make an even larger doll after this, it's just better for overall detail and a lot easier to work with.

I'm currently in a master doll making class, there's only about 8 classes but I get to learn how to make better, more stable armature (or the skeleton of the doll), how to sketch out the doll properly to make all the joints and connections at the right place (for accurate proportions), and of course just more quality sculpting and costume making. I always want to perfect my craft and bring all my work to the next level. This is me trying to do so. I highly recommend anyone to take some extra classes in whatever your medium is, it just really helps you to see things in a different light and take better approaches to your work. Because the planning stages are just as important as the outcome. If you have sloppy sketches, you'll have a sloppy piece. I know it's hard to say "take your time" in a fast pace world, with short deadlines looming, but it really does make a difference. It's a shame that everything is so rushed these days, incredible artwork needs time. The great masters of our past couldn't create the marvels they did in a 1 week deadline, they took years..and it definitely shows.

Have a good week guys,

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