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Jun 3, 2014

Award Winnings for my Proud FM Advertisements

I'm super thrilled my ads for Proud FM have been pretty popular this year. I worked on this series during last summer, but only recently have they been released. It's really been, what I think, is my best work to date. Thanks to a wonderful team of people I got to work with including, Instil Productions' Philip Rostron, Saatchi & Saatchi's Joel Arbez and Matt Antonello. I can't wait till the next one :).
Marketing Awards 2014
Applied Arts Photography + Illustration 2014

This piece won Gold at the Marketing Awards and got into Applied Arts
Bronze winner at the Marketing Awards 2014

May 22, 2014

New Magical Things

Just a peek of whats to come. It's about 60% finished at this point, a bit more magic making left for this piece to shine.

Apr 30, 2014

In the Making: 103.9 Proud FM Ads

A series for a Toronto gay and proud radio station, 103.9 Proud FM. Taking your every day song that you hear on the radio and twisting a lyric into a visual gay innuendo. Client: 103.9 Proud FM / Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi  / Art Director: Joel Arbez  Copywriter: Matt Antonello / Photography: Instil Productions Inc. - Philip Rostron
~ Knight in White Satin ~
(behind the scenes)

Sculpting some good looks
A flick of the wrist, my favourite part of this pose.
Long flowing locks, just like in a fairy tale. Some said he looks like Zorro.
I had to give him a great butt, it was necessary.
Putting together the set.
Every flower was specifically placed to create a frame around the knight.

The final product. What a handsome white knight, if only I could sculpt dolls to come to life.

~ Cowboy on a Steel Horse ~
(behind the scenes)

Building a steel horse. One of the most challenging things I ever created. Ever piece of copper was cut and formed into place.
Painted and completed finally. After a ton of sliced fingers and tired hands..I lived.

Painting scenery was pretty fun, it's been a while.
Adding sand to the desert.

The final product. The cowboy grew a mustache and rode away into the sunset.


~ Never Neverland ~
(behind the scenes)

Sculpting blubber = super enjoyable. The same goes for doing nude studies with over weight people, so many exciting circular forms to create.
They're in love by the way. Oh romance..
The ginger bear
Who wears short shorts and daisy suspenders. What a happy guy.
The twink
Stringing every single cloud into position.

The final product. Thank you Philip (the photographer) for making this super duper romantic and dreamy. It's my favourite piece in the series.

Apr 3, 2014

The Sheepdogs Dolls & The Juno Award

A year ago, I was approached by the very talented photographer /director Matt Barnes from Westside Studio about a very exciting project for The Sheepdog’s new music video "Feeling Good". I was asked to recreate the band members from The Sheepdogs and their individual likeness as dolls. The goal was to make them as realistic as possible so they can be in their own video in live action through their doppelganger miniatures. Every little detail from skin, to hair and facial hair was carefully crafted and painted by hand. It was the most exciting thing to see the dolls come to life through stop-motion to actually see my work on television. It was very surreal experience and not one that I ever pictured myself having so early in my art career.

This year, The Sheepdogs music video 'Feeling Good' won Video of the Year at the 2014 Juno Awards. I'm so thrilled to have been apart of a wonderful creative project that got such high recognition. It's all about putting the right group of creative people together and making magic happen.

The Sheepdogs and Matt Barnes didn't make it to the Juno Awards to accept the award. I totally could've been there to accept it.
The sculpts completed. They were ready to get dress and shoot that video.

Mar 7, 2014

In the works: Gyspy character

Just some quick shots of a new character I'm working on. It's part of a 5 piece series I've been working on since last summer. I'm taking my time of these and making sure they all look equally amazing.

Feb 27, 2014

In the Making: MAD Magazine - GIRLS

  After graduating illustration in University, it was always a dream of mine to land my artwork in MAD Magazine. I got super lucky and finally landed a gig with one of my dream clients. I got to work on MAD Magazine's spoof on HBO GIRLS, the main characters portrayed as American Girl dolls. American Girl dolls are idolized by little girls, they have different outfits, accessories and each one has a back story. These dolls were to resemble the American Girl dolls, but also HBO Girls characters (Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna & Jessa). This was for a featured article in the issue and made to look like the American Girl online doll catalogue. It's a really funny read if you're familiar with the hit show GIRLS. They're American yes, but not quite the best role models for young girls. This makes for an interesting juxtaposition. I'm so excited to be sharing this new project with you all. Sorry for the photo quality, they were super quick phone photos I took in the midst of working. 

Super rough clay stage, early on, before any joints and torsos.

Smoothed out bodies, base painting complete.

Hello there, bald Hannah. Don't worry I'll give you some hair soon.

In the nude. I attempted to make soft torsos like the original American Girl dolls, but I failed at several attempts. There was just no way to have a soft body and have these girls stand on their own, they just kept slouching. I was trying to be over ambitious with this and wasted a lot of precious time fixing them. I will definitely not be doing any more experimenting with new techniques during a deadline again.
My girls and I in the midst of a 4am re-shoot. The AD wasn't crazy about my original brick walls I created so I had to start them from scratch again, re-shoot with Mako Studios and get everything in the "exact positions" as the original shoot (ie. camera angle, lighting, pose, head tilt, doll distance from each other etc.). It wasn't as easy as you'd think.

This is a close of Hannah's (Lena Dunham) arm tattoo. It is measured at 1cm in size.


Client: MAD Magazine
Photography: Mako Studios
Production: Lunch Inc.
Sculpture Illustration: Kira Shaimanova (me)

A big thank you to Sam, who took a chance on me, never having worked with me before. I was so happy to be a part of this and what a great experience. I got the official "welcome to the team" from MAD. Hooray!

As this issue came out yesterday, I got word that it was emailed to Judd Apatow (producer & director of the show) and all the writers happened to be in the room as he opened it. They all loved the article. WOO!

See the final sculpture illustrations on my Website:
Pick up MAD Magazine issue #526 to read the full 5 page hilarious article.

Dec 31, 2013

Holiday Munchkins

Happy Holidays friends!

It's been a very busy end of the year, it still is. I made these little munchkins for some Christmas gifts this year. They're actually ornament dollies for the tree. I wish I spent more time on them, they were quite last minute, but I had so much fun making them. It's not often I get to just go wild and make little characters for fun and not as part of a piece or assignment. There wasn't much sculpting either, only the face, the rest is all about the sewing and the costume. I just posted for your viewing enjoyment.. so enjoy!!