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Jan 23, 2012

MENAGERIE - Anthropomorphic Art Show

Menagerie - a series of anthropomorphic illustrations.
“Menagerie” is an art show that engages the imaginative exploration of anthropomorphism – the attribution of human qualities to nonhumans. Through visual study, nineteen local up-and-coming artists will explore the idea of anthropomorphism as a form of self-extension. As we “humanize” nonhuman entities, personal relationships are established, and a special - sometimes disturbing - attachment is then applied to the animal or object. This can be seen from our naming of pets, to drawing faces on inanimate objects, to shouting at a car when it has broken down. Through us, the animal/object takes on its own humanity. The result of this visual exploration is a modern bestiary - a collection of creatures, human and nonhuman, situated and interacting in contemporary society.

Hope to see you there! I'm so excited about this :)
Click HERE for the facebook event & artists featured.

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