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Dec 2, 2010

The Unicorn: A Magical Gathering

Hey Guys! Sorry I've disappeared for a bit. "She Creeps" show at Function 13 just ended on Nov 29th, now I got asked to be in a show for NARWHAL gallery. It's a very well known gallery here in Toronto. I'm really excited about this show. They want me to display only my dolls, so I've been working away getting some of my older dolls in tip-top shape for the show. It's pretty awesome my work will be next to one of my teachers from university/famous and well known illustrator Gary Taxalli. There will be about 30 different really great artists displaying - mostly sculpture/toys. I'll be displaying 5 different pieces, one them being my very first doll created, which isn't featured on my website. Hope you can make it down next Friday, it will be a full house for sure :D.

Cheers, happy Thursday!
- Kira

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