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Dec 11, 2010

The Unicorn Opening Night

"Wondering Alice" & I

"Wondering Alice" - She was my first doll ever! Can you believe it?
I'm pretty sure she'll get sold, it'll be hard to see her go.

"King of Neverland"

"Sweet Talk" couple & "Reading Betty"

Amy Miranda, my new rep from LUNCH, she helped me get a spot in the Narwhal show

THE UNICORN opening, before it became crazy busy


Opening night was a great success, I got see some familiar faces, meet new people and have my work amongst some pretty awesome artists. It's a pleasure exhibiting with them. It was definitely a full house, luckily there's all of December left for you to see the show if you haven't made it for the opening.

Happy Holidays! xoxo -Kira

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