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Oct 14, 2012

Making of: Genuine Bitsy Collection

Making plastic molds out of silicone, it's a messy job, but pretty darn fun watching the solution turn from clear to white.

Messy studio floor. Do not get this stuff on your clothes - damaged!

Bow ties for Bitsy Bear

Primed and ready for acrylic paint

Clearly building and army here!

This is one heck of a process, but I wanted to challenge myself and come out with a beautiful toy collection. They're not only for show, but can be played with as well, since plastic isn't the least as delicate as clay. If dropped, they're perfectly fine. From sewing, to stuffing, to molds and casts, to priming, painting, gluing, and of course accessorizing. The sewing alone took a good month and a half to do. Let's do some math here:

 40 bodies
 40 tails
 40 heads
 40 faces
 20 belly buttons
 80 arms
 80 legs
 80 hands
 80 feet
 80 ears
 30 bow ties
 20 collars
 630  Parts to make, using 2 hands :| Whoa, that's crazy, I shocked myself just now. I hope you guys love this collection.

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