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Aug 8, 2012

Bitsy Collection in Progress

Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated much lately. I've been very, very, very busy sewing 40 Bitsy toys for the upcoming collection. After sewing I'll be making all the casts from the moulds and painting all of them in acrylic. It's a very long process, but I really wanted to make this limited edition a special one. The collection consists of 10 Bitsy Bears, 10 Bitsy Elephants, 10 Bitsy Bunnies, and 10 Bitsy Lions. Each will be numbered 1-10 and never reproduced again after this.

They'll all be available for sale at the "Made By Hand" show Saturday October 27th in Mississauga, ON. Entry is only $2 and it's a one day event. The remaining Bitsies will then be placed on my Etsy account, but I cannot guarantee that the early numbered toys will still be available, either way there's only 10 of each out there, it's a rare collection to have. Hope you guys will make out it to the show. I'll post more details/reminders closer to the date.

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