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Dec 12, 2011

Making of "Bump in the Night" - coming soon..

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Oh it's been a while I know... but I'm back! 

These are some sneak peeks of the piece I've been working on. I must say it turned out better than I expected. The plan was to do a piece that was set based,  not so much revolving around a character or a well known person. Everything I sculpted got painted in fluorescent paints for the purpose of getting photographed under blacklight (ie. the purple light that makes whites glow blue in the dark). I did some research about which paints to buy since not even a normal white paint will glow under blacklight, so I purchased some specific paints online. I just felt like I needed to let loose and do a over super fun and crazy, over the top piece. Can't wait to share it.

I'm also working a new website design currently, which I'm pretty excited about. It'll be a lot more fresh looking and easier to browse through all my works. And of course an updated logo.

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