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Feb 7, 2011

NYC and Back - Feb 2011

 Hey everyone! Just came back from NYC, it was only a short stay this time. I went to the Society of Illustrators event for the first time and got to meet some pretty awesome illustrators whom I look up. I got meet Jason Seiler featured above with a silly face, Sam Weber below and Chris Buzelli who I don't have a photo with.

 Marcos Chin and Yuko Shimizu were there, it was nice to run into them. There were so many amazing works on the walls, not just the medal winners. I was definitely inspired. I hope to have my works on those walls one day.

 I also came down from Toronto to mail out some postcards in the U.S. It's a lot cheaper to send them from NYC of course. It was my first postcard mailout, I had to capture it on camera. Fingers crossed for some fun projects :)

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