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Jan 27, 2011

"Vacation Deprivation" - extra WIP photos

 Here are some more giant head photos, my painting process and my very messy desk. I'm very happy happy how the waves/hair turned out, it's way better than I expected. I had a lot fun sculpting a big head for a change versus my 8-10 inch dolls.

 Probably one of the smallest heads I've ever sculpted. I had a hard time adding details that were so small, but the final product turned out well. I made curly brown hair for the little man to link him with his bigger self.

This is the final piece!! Finally complete :) I'm very excited about it. It fits into the travel and lifestyle category and is a lot different from my other works, both conceptually and the execution as well. You can see it on my website as well - WEBSITE! Hope you guys enjoy the direction my work is going.


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