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Jan 9, 2011

Year of the Bunny: Process Work

 Finally! A new piece for a new year. The sketch shown is one of first
concept sketches I did, just playing around with double images or optical illusions. I ended up simplifying the image towards my final layout of this piece. The whiskers were too much, as well as the undies for the eyes. I chose small roses instead.

 I got this amazing heat gun for a Christmas present, one that I've been
wanting for a while to speed up my process. I must say it's amazing!! I'm in love with it. I did manage to burn the nipple of the sculpture by blow drying on a high level.  My mistake. But either way this baby can dry my sculpture in 10mins versus a whole day.
 Just playing around with different flower types and getting an idea
of what the final work would look like. I also played with a bunch of different
lighting variations, I think I'm getting pretty good. 
All in all, I wanted to try something out of the norm of my usual character and
set pieces. It's more conceptual, playful and a more simply laid out piece. I hope you guys enjoy this new piece, and happy upcoming Chinese New Year of the Rabbit!! ps. This piece "Year of the Bunny"can also be seen on my website :)

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