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Jan 4, 2011

My Shop has moved to ETSY!

 Here is it guys, I'm finally on Etsy with the 
rest of the world!
I decided it would be a nice change to join the rest of the art community @ Etsy. There's so much cool art there and my shop was getting a little lonely all by itself. All my Christmas items had sold out, hooray!

It's now 2011 and time to sell some original dolls. I rather an art lover buy one versus them sitting in draws and collecting dust in my house. Not that I want to keep them in drawers, I do have a cat who likes to chew so I must keep them away and protected. Well hope you guys enjoy this year.

 Click here to go see the dolls I'm selling @ Etsy,
You can also find my shop link on my website.

Cheers, Kira

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