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Jan 16, 2015

Soft Lips, Puffy, Rosey Cheeks

Happy New Year friends!
     I have been building up my creative juices so I can make some more magical artwork in the new year, this is a peek of something special I've been busy working on. During the end of the year I was very conflicted with the type of art I needed to be creating to stay on point with what's hot or things that could potentially appeal to clients vs. what I wanted to make personally. I never want to create for the sake of quantity, quality in work is very important to me, since my style is pretty time consuming.

     I've been reading The Artist's Way Every Day which is a wonderful book I would recommend for any artist. You read one page a day and get back into the creative flow. It's so lovely to read small inspirational blurbs each day, overtime your negative thinking, and artist block will go away. 

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