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Mar 11, 2015

Making of: Beeloved

Finding the right head tilt and positioning

First layer of acrylic
Before the tears and sad brows

Before the hair and the hand comes in

Honey in the making

Black liner around the eyes gets removed for an alternate appearance. It just didn't feel right.

Insect creation was probably the most new to me. I should do wings more often

Hair is completed and she's almost ready to photograph. Purple flowers ended up not
 being needed for the final image, too distracting.

The final piece "Beeloved"
Hey guys,

 it's been a while since I shared some process photos, here is my latest piece. This piece took about 2 weeks to create on and off. I like to step away from my work and see what is working, not working and  change aspects to create a strong piece. One of the changes you may notices in the process photos is that this girl had black liner on her top lids previously, but was altered later on. I think without the liner, her face softened and eyes appeared more swollen from crying. That's the look I was going for. Also she going to have purple flowers along with the foliage in the piece, but when tested, they appeared too distracting and over-the-top. I liked all the focus going towards the message and the golden tears of honey.

This piece was created to raise awareness about the smallest, sweetest, yet most often forgotten species, the bees. The dying species not only affects us, but has a ripple effect on other species (hence her bear ears representing the connection of bears and bees and pollination).

Beeloved highlights the synergetic relationship of bees and beings. It reflects upon the approaching demise of the bee species that is quickly falling out of our grasp.

I'm selling prints of Beeloved on my Etsy Shop and donating a percentage from each print sold to bee conservation. I thought is would completely make sense to do, to help the species through my artwork, which is my voice, but also giving a voice to the bees.


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