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Apr 30, 2014

In the Making: 103.9 Proud FM Ads

A series for a Toronto gay and proud radio station, 103.9 Proud FM. Taking your every day song that you hear on the radio and twisting a lyric into a visual gay innuendo. Client: 103.9 Proud FM / Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi  / Art Director: Joel Arbez  Copywriter: Matt Antonello / Photography: Instil Productions Inc. - Philip Rostron
~ Knight in White Satin ~
(behind the scenes)

Sculpting some good looks
A flick of the wrist, my favourite part of this pose.
Long flowing locks, just like in a fairy tale. Some said he looks like Zorro.
I had to give him a great butt, it was necessary.
Putting together the set.
Every flower was specifically placed to create a frame around the knight.

The final product. What a handsome white knight, if only I could sculpt dolls to come to life.

~ Cowboy on a Steel Horse ~
(behind the scenes)

Building a steel horse. One of the most challenging things I ever created. Ever piece of copper was cut and formed into place.
Painted and completed finally. After a ton of sliced fingers and tired hands..I lived.

Painting scenery was pretty fun, it's been a while.
Adding sand to the desert.

The final product. The cowboy grew a mustache and rode away into the sunset.


~ Never Neverland ~
(behind the scenes)

Sculpting blubber = super enjoyable. The same goes for doing nude studies with over weight people, so many exciting circular forms to create.
They're in love by the way. Oh romance..
The ginger bear
Who wears short shorts and daisy suspenders. What a happy guy.
The twink
Stringing every single cloud into position.

The final product. Thank you Philip (the photographer) for making this super duper romantic and dreamy. It's my favourite piece in the series.

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