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Jun 29, 2013

Website Re-vamp

My website is finally fixed up, running smoothly, and best of all it's super easy to update (unlike the dreamweaver - the worst ever). It's not a huge change, but the images are all larger, so no need to click to enlarge, captions can be viewed under "Info". I created a new logo, it's my very own type face, I think it suits my work very well compared to the previous one.

I do have awesome new advertising work I did for a radio station, but I'm still not allowed to share unfortunately. Other than that, I'm working meticulously on a series I've been dying to create for a while. Another thing that's in the works is some stop-motion. I've been meaning to try it out for the longest time and it's all planned and everything, I just don't have enough hands to do everything at once. Detail work is very time consuming, my craft is changing, slowly but surely. I'll share everything as soon as I can. xox

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