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Jan 23, 2013

Seductress Doll Process

Doing make-up on dolls never gets old

Head tilt & refining body

Lots of piece by piece hair gluing and styling

She's made for standing, but laying down looks pretty natural to her.

Touches of gold to the eyes and hair-piece

Loved this dark lighting, had to take this shot

Hello Friends!

Here's more updates for you. More personal work I've been working on. I've been practicing refining my dolls more than usual to get a higher quality to my work. It obviously takes longer to achieve, but the result is worth it.

I'm also going to be taking a master sculpting class to learn more about refined sculpting, proper clothing/costume creation, hair styling.. etc. Most of those things I've been self taught in and had developed over time. Just simple things like finding the right type of hair that works for you, or lashes, even the armature takes a while to figure out. I'm also curious about trying clays with a harder feel to them, so it's easier to capture more details in hands and other parts of the body. Softer clays tend to break often and getting into finer details is a lot more difficult. I've also learned that you can even mix different clays together, but that's all in experimentation.

 Happy sculpting! I'll have new work up soon :)

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