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Jun 12, 2012

NEW WORK: Miami New Times


       These are a few of the new pieces you'll find on my website, there's a total of 6 new pieces ( I'm so excited to finally share. I had the pleasure of recreating Scarface (the infamous cocaine scene, which is now a cake scene) for the cover which was pretty darn sweet! This was all for Miami New Times 25th Anniversary as well as "best of" issue, summing up the highlights through out the years. Deadmau5 and CSI Miami were also a part of it. I love re-creating famous people, but at the same time I really do enjoy the process of coming up with my own characters, I'm a lot less picky then.

I know I usually post all the process work for you guys, this time around Miami New Times magazine wanted to post  it on their site, so you can find tons of the process photos I took along the way [here].

       I have to say that the most fun, yet most crazy difficult piece to do was of Deadmau5!!! To get that lighting and concert feel was a mission I tell you. I think I shot that pieces about 6 different times, changing the lighting over and over again to get it right. Shooting with natural light is so much easier than working with bulbs. I'm no professional photographer, I'm still learning over time, I'll get the hang of it eventually.


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