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Mar 4, 2011

NEW WORK! "Feast of Love"

This cat couple piece was done in about a weeks time. I had such a blast doing an animal piece and thinking of how I can make a romantic setting for a cat pair.

 I created my own version of a night stand table  and incorporating the typical objects you'd find there (ie. lamp, books, clock, wooden counter). I took out the candle from my original sketch. I thought it was just a little much and the lamp light source is more than enough. Speaking of lamps, I actually made my own, of course using clay and various fabrics. I bought a light bulb, a socket and cord and had it coming in through the top of the lamp shade, since its not an average size lamp, the bulb was a bit big. For the cat food on display, yes I'll admit I used actual cat food. A little bit of cheating on my part, but I think it shows the juicy cat food in its full entirety. 

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