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Jan 14, 2011

The Sex Show @ Gallery 1313

Hey everyone, this is going to be one SEXY show! 

1313 Queen Street West, Toronto, Gallery 1313.With over 20 artists showing. I hope some of you can make it down for Jan 20th. Click here for the facebook event. Here are some of the artists:

Lisa Moses
Phililla Hido
Valeria Rzianina
Suzan Mandla
Kira Shaimanova
Sally Cumming
Nora House
Tyne demerei
Karen Grosman
Kara Williams
Ashley Toye
Claudio Ghirado
Jonathan Korman
chris Damianos
Dydin Matlabi
Peter Kasur
Cliff Eyland
Joelle Circe
Bruce Eves
Ben Stirling
Nadya Kagan
Toni Wallachy
Diana Latourt
Voula Monohoias
G. Elliott Simpson
Grant Cunningham
Artur Augustynowicz

..and more

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