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Sep 18, 2010

Mystery Character in progress..

Hey Guys! Sorry I didn't update for a bit. Been pretty busy with pieces for a gallery show next month. This is part of one of the pieces I'm doing for the show, sorry I can't give any details away yet, I want it all to be a surprise. But I promise for the end of October you'll see 4 NEW PIECES on my website, as well as on here with the corresponding sketches.

This celebrity character has a lot of hair, big hair, but it'll be a dead give away if I show it. I still have some stuff to fix on the face, including bigger teeth and more brows. Also she resembles a horse as you can see by the new sculpture I've started. Anywho .. that's some clues for you, see if you can figure out which hollywood celeb this might be.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! xo

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